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A conceptual and optimistic point of view describes Jill Hoffman-Kowal's minimalist paintings, accomplishing rhythm, persistence, and endurance. Acting as a conduit
between the surface and the medium, her process is very spontaneous and enlightening.
A sculptural quality is created with the use of a variety of materials including found objects to homemade acrylic impasto paints. Meditative, mesmerizing and at the same time energetic and pulsating, colors and textures make the art alive. Awareness and sensitivity to the materials is the journey from beginning to end. Through experimentation, methodical purpose, depth, and intensity, the process is her strength.

Throughout her career, Jill's work has been consistent, beginning during the conceptual movement to present day contemporary art. Her influences have been Vladimir Malevich, Vincent Van Gogh, Robert Ryman, Mark Rothko, and Agnes Martin, as well as the
conceptual artists of the 70's. Today her work is reflective of our environment, conjuring pieces that appear to represent our planet, to generate an experience in viewing the work
by employing qualities of the mandala that influence our state of mind toward a collective sense of peacefulness. Her works are repetitive and rhythmic sparking energy and indulgence leaving one with a Zen attitude toward life itself.

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