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"...(works) have an elegance and richness to them that is both visually and conceptually appealing. By avoiding the dead-end trap of purist Minimalism, Hoffman produces works
of art that manage to be both soothing and exciting."
Kevin Dean and Kay Kipling, The Longboat Observer, December 9, 1993

"ARTarget had installations in the remodeled Orange Blossom building...a typical
Guerilla art event...Using the same elegant and sharp-witted style of her subject, Jill
Hoffman paid homage to my favorite Surrealist in her piece entitled A Room for Magritte."
Sherri Hill, Sarasota Arts Review, December 1996

"...The visual elegance of these works is emphasized by the Zen control and focus on the physical nature of paint strokes as a subject in and unto themselves."
Kevin Costello, Pelican Press, June 19, 1997

"Jill Hoffman is the purist in the group, relying on the integrity of the acrylic paint into
diverse patterns...White Grid, a handsome canvas that displays meticulous precision
and infinite patience."
Marcia Corbino, The Longboat Observer, July 10, 1997

"...(Hoffman's paintings) offer a quiet surprise: paintings about the art of painting; in effect, meditations on the practice of simply holding a brush...Hoffman is among the best-trained and consistently experimental minimalists in Sarasota."
Kevin Costello, Sarasota Herald Tribune, August 8, 2003

"Jill builds up the surface with sensuous, visceral and soft strokes that recall the subtlety
of Agnes Martin's mark making."
Mark Ormond, Pelican Press, March 1, 2007

Jill Hoffman-Kowal is showing a number of works including her "Rothko Series" that pays homage to Mark Rothko's interest in the expressive potential of color...Because making
her works are meditations for her, she provides us the opportunity for a similar
experience contemplating them."
Mark Ormond, Pelican Press, August 7, 2008

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